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Super Spy HeyEtsy.com Web Extension

10 ratings

Super Spy HeyEtsy.com Web Extension

10 ratings

To find potential products in Etsy quickly

This is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze listing on Etsy Market

Link registry license For addon: https://heyetsy.com

Email: ytuongdotme@gmail.com



No hassles, no question asked!

Hi there, 👋

You are a sales person, you are an analyst, ...

You need a lot of data to make a decision before you enter the market.

We are here to help you develop your analytical skills.

In other words, stop wasting time searching for high-quality articles. Just install this extension, open a new tab, and you're done.

We provide evaluation analysis based on our realtime rating system

All listing parameters that you need to be interested in will be displayed. You will easily analyze and identify the market

Surely your research time will be greatly reduced, instead of using external virtual indicators, we have a highly accurate and intuitive analysis and evaluation system. Gives you useful advice when you decide to sell a product

You will see the listing creation date, Daily view of the product, ... and many more features that we are developing.

Let's go!!! GO TO THE MOON



Pay it, You will have all features 🎉

Sort Listing Easy
Allows to sort potential listings by favorites, created date, updated date...
Data analytics feature
Help sellers easily analyze products as well as potential niches they want to join Product highlight function will help you easily evaluate potential products
Explore Winning Product List
Allow to view the list of potential products directly on the system List of Trending products List of Best selling products List of Popular products Update every hour


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